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MY LIT BOX  is a monthly book subscription box celebrating diversity in literature! Each month you will receive a box containing a newly released novel as well as 1-2 quality book related goodies that will make your reading experience all the more enjoyable! I hope you see yourself, and your experiences on these pages as well as the experiences of others and are enlightened & entertained.


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Once you start your book subscription, you'll be able to create a personal account where you'll be in control of your subscription status and can make changes any time!

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Boxes will ship on the 5th of every month and before you know it, your MY LIT BOX will be delivered and waiting for you to enjoy!


Once you receive your MY LIT BOX, snap a pic to share on Instagram using #MYLITBOX then curl up with your newest read and goodies and enjoy!


How often will I get this box?

You will receive MY LIT BOX monthly until you change or cancel your subscription but I promise you will not want to do that!

What will be inside this box?

In addition to a newly released novel you can expect to receive 1-2 quality book related goodies that will enhance your reading experience whether it's a lovely keepsake to adorn your bookshelf, or something that either  smells good, tastes good or makes you feel good!

Why writers of color?

I noticed that when I read list compiling the greatest writers of our time, be it past or present, very few of the writers (1) looked like me or any other minority and (2) they weren’t any of my favorite writers. This  is just my effort to shine light on an often overlooked segment of talented writers and  put their works into the hands of book lovers worldwide